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    Police boss welcomes medal surprise

    Police boss welcomes medal surprise

    Mr Hutton said: “It’s a very exciting moment for us and a very emotional occasion for him.”

    The former EastEnders star said a number of his co-stars and his assistant had been invited to join him at the ceremony, with a full list of winners announced in due course.

    He added: “It was an absolutely beautiful way to celebrate a wonderful career.

    “We’ve been waiting for a long time to celebrate what we’ve been doing, for the past five years.”

    Image copyright AFP Image caption Alex Hiddleston is one of the star-studded winners

    “It’s all about winning,” Mr Hiddleston said.

    “It’s a really cool and exciting thing for everyone in the business to be at, and I just want to thank the many others who took part and 바카라the special team of judges who work out how to do everything right.”

    He added: “I’m incredibly excited to be standing here with all the lovely people that we’ve been working with over the last five years and it’s going to be really emotional for me and everyone involved.

    “It’s the most wonde카지노 사이트rful surprise in the business for me and the family, so for everyone that knows me personally it’s fantastic.

    “To me, my life has been built entirely around winning.”

    The star of The Thick of It, The Great Gatsby and the Channel 4 drama Strictly Come Dancing, has appeared on screen in all his award-winning films – including films such as Iago, The Godfather, Moneyball, Die Hard an더킹카지노d the recently announced Mr Holmes.