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    More accidents fixed speed cameras

    More accidents fixed카지노 게임 speed cameras

    The Department of Transportation said it will update its speed camera program annually, to keep pace with speed camera developments in Washington state.

    The department will review data from existing cameras, update existing systems with new equipment, and adjust current tec카지노게임hnology to ensure it is current with the speed cameras on the state’s roads.

    Last fall, DOT issued an Order of Protection to the Washington State Department of Transportation for changes that caused problems with cameras.

    The Order was based on the DOT’s investigation into complaints from motorist and traffic law attorney Mike Nettles of Washington State Law Institute.

    Nettles pointed out that some speed camera operators failed to register the crashes with the DMV, when they shouldn’t have been required to do so.

    He said the department is using more rigorous inspection procedures, but that in the meantime, many of the cameras don’t meet standards.

    DOT officials said they have already tightened up the state’s speed camera program by issuing new laws.

    A new statute will limit how many cameras may be installed at any given time.

    DOT hopes to continue installing speed cameras this year, but only after the existing system is fixed.

    Read the complete August 4, 2016, article at http://seattlepi.com/articles/2016/08/03/dtraffic-cameras-may-be-fixing-it-southeast/

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