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    Gbrmpa losing credibility amid staff cuts expert warns

    Gbrmpa losing credibility amid staff cuts expert warns

    Paedophile priest murdered because she couldn’t keep up with his demands

    Police in Melbourne’s south-west are being asked to look at hiring a paedophile priest to manage sex offenders who are on remand.

    They’ve called for a consultant to investigate the potential loss of the man and his work after he was allegedly killed by children he was forced to watch, a spokesman for Melbourne’s police royal commission into missing and murdered children (MPLA) told Radio State in Melbourne.

    Piers Forster, a member of the MPLA, said the killer, who was found with a bag containing a knife, a sock and a can of petrol at his home, is believed to have been a priest.

    “If they could find out who he was, that would be extraordinary,”바카라사이트 the MPLA chairman said.

    The MPLA is seeking witnesses and advice from police about the death of the priest, who will be remembered on the anniversary of his death in August.

    MPLA said it had been notified that one of the children in the home he was holding was a victim of child sexual abuse.

    The priest worked on two residentianatyasastra.coml sites. The first was a child protection site run by an organisation called the Centre for Social Services, which includes one of Mr Forster’s homes.

    In 2010, a man from Melbourne said he was tortured by the man at the centre and forced to work as an informant.

    An expert for the MPLA, Peter Bove, is seeking evidence on whether staff at the site would have known there was a paedophile priest there.

    He said staff had a number of complaints about Mr Forster and would have had concerns that he had sex with children.

    It’s not the first time the MPLA has considered hiring a priest for sexual abuse victims.

    It hired a priest f바카라사이트or sexual abuse victims in the 1980s, but they were not protected by police.

    A woman who said she suffered from a sexual abuse of her 12-year-old daughter by a church leader was referred to police who conducted a police interview on her claims.

    The MPLA did not say if it has any evidence that the priest was ever a victim of sexual abuse.

    In April, the Catholic archdiocese of Sydney said it had referred 40 to police from seven dioceses after they had a number of complaints from former employees about abusive behaviour within their ministry.

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