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    Benson political math makes for an odd fit when you consider that Bernie is the former Governor of California

    Benson political math makes for an odd fit when you consider that Bernie is the former Governor of California. But, if anyone really believes that Clinton is a progressive candidate, you might as well assume Bernie Sanders has a “moderate” record on Wall Street’s most powerful financial institutions.

    The reason that Clinton has had trouble drawing support from the financial sector has absolutely nothing to do with her views on Wall Street, as all progressives should realize. Sanders won’t speak favorably of the banks, as he does not live next door to any large 코인 카지노Wall Street banks, and he did not even criticize the bank executives who killed the mortgage industry bailout when he was chairman of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

    Clinton doesn’t come from the financial industry either, as she served as Secretary of State during one of the worst economic administrations in modern history. During this time, over 400,000 jobs were lost in the financial sector. She is an ally of many Wall Street interests that would see her in their camp as she has made them into her top policy priority, and the banking industry’s top lobbyist for Hillary.

    As to how to counter the bank’s wealth theft from the middle class and working families, there are too many factors for this article to explore here. Sanders has taken a bolder stance than Clinton on the issue of Wall Street’s influence in Washington, D.C., but there are certainly more issues facing the nation that are too numerous to cover here. And there is no need for Bernie to be an expert on the banks, as he doesn’t really have any busine강릉출장샵ss knowing what’s going아로마 마사지 on in Washington, D.C.

    Sanders has a strong track record of fighting for an independent, single-payer system in every state in the union and beyond, not the one-party, corporate establishment that we have come to expect from Washington, D.C.

    What’s missing from this Sanders campaign is a message that makes sense to a significant portion of Americans (the super wealthy). He is trying to capture a portion of the progressive vote by appealing to those people who don’t typically support the two major political parties, but the reality of Sanders is, when it comes to voting, he is nothing like what people believe he is.