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    Aba clears telstra over unanswered 000 fire calls

    Aba clears telstra over unanswered 000 fire calls


    Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed his department cleared Telstra of a massive problem with fire calls over the past month, but wants to give consumers more information before they feel comfortable buying services.

    In a statement on Wednesday, a spokesman for M해운대출장안마 해운대안마r Turnbull said Telstra had “received multiple reports of calls placed by those unable to connect or who were unreachable by other means”.

    T울산출장안마he spokesman said Telstra had been cooperating with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in an ongoing investigation into the issue.

    “The company has been able to resolve this matter by working with the FCC to assess the relevant issues,” Mr Turnbull’s spokesman said in a statement.

    “The company is currently gathering information to help determine the extent and possible impact on Telstra customers of any action it would take,” Mr Turnbull said.

    The Federal Government has raised concerns about Telstra over the past year.

    Telstra received more than $2 million in payments from the Federal Government under a $2.4 billion deal for fixed wireless to provide telecommunications services, but has so far ignored the criticisms by both Labor and the Greens and in February announced it would offer its customers free mobile phone calls to all other networks.

    The Government wants Telstra to provide details on its actions with the NBN ahead of the election, in which Labor is expected to promise to offer a free mobile phone call scheme.

    The spokeswoman for Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said the Federal Government had a “comprehensive process in place to address the situation”.

    “At this time, the Federal Government’s communications minister is speaking with stakeholders to find a way forward,” she said.

    “The minister continues to urge consumers to visit each of our network companies’ websites to check on services being offered or call Customer Care on 1300 811 633.”

    Telstra has already apologised for the problem.

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