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    More dangerous toys banned in nsw in pre christmas blitzkrieg (NSW Daily Mail, 7 October 2015)

    More dangerous toys banned in nsw in pre christmas blitzkrieg (NSW Daily Mail, 7 October 2015)

    I can only tell you what you’ve seen on TV and hear on radios. I can’t imagine what’s going through the mind of an eight year old girl and how she was thinking about her own toy gun.

    What makes this particularly disturbing is that in all of the comments on the above piece I am a parent and a proud supporter of our children.

    The toys I play with are safe and are not weapons and I will not knowingly or unnecessarily take part in these attacks if they are not for my children’s safety.

    We need to raise awareness so that young people understand how dangerous toys are. And, yes, it’s even OK for adult women to choose not to own any firearms or to have children out of fear of injury (even if the children are old enough to understand that’s not what the conversation is about.)

    Please tell your politicians, especially those with strong firearms, to stand up and demand a ban on guns in the form of strict age and gun registration laws. This will give them the tools to tackle child pornography, encourage responsible gun ownership and empower the many victims of child shooting and suicide.

    I am writing this in the hope that the gun control더킹카지노 issue can be reduced to a discussion of why children need to be protected from violence and why they need to have access to proper education and health care.

    As a father of a four year old daughter in the mid east a few years ago I realised there was a difference between ‘protecting kids’ or using guns to protect their own lives and using them to protect the lives of others.

    A mother can make the decision to get off the welfare net because of her own financial security or she can look to guns for protection because it gives her time to look after her children.

    When it is only the parent with guns or one parent who is afraid or feels unable to protect their children from a situation that is a tragedy waiting to happen I believe the solution lies in the education of parents, teachers and the community.

    It is also right that children feel safe when they come home safe after school and have 더킹카지노access to an adult presence so the discussion of c바카라hild protection needs to get to the heart of why this is so important.

    My daughters and I live a relatively quiet life here so the thought of being physically threatened would feel real. I was left with the feeling of a gun was close.

    I know it was an extreme case bu