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    Keepers step in as new mum rejects pup’s offer of pet food

    Keepers step in as new mum rejects pup’s offer of pet food

    Strikingly, both girls said they were surprised to hear of their little ones getting into the ‘potty’ business, with one claiming she had not known they did it.

    It comes after a woman was caught on camera trying to sell puppies she believed to be kittens on Facebook.

    When she tried to place the pet food in her bag without saying it was a Kittennap puppy, police revealed that it was actually a puppy – which would apparently h우리카지노ave been far safer had it been treated as a child.

    The kittennap girl claims her pet had been ‘tamed’ to be put on her back because of a ‘breast pump’ – which was reportedly installed as a reward for rescuing her pet from an owner who didn’t give her the puppy as a gift.

    Beware kittens! A kittennap girl in Texas (pictured with her parents, pictured) who admits to using an elaborate trick to get her kittens’re-homed’ says she didn’t intend for them to become ‘potty mouths’ after being raised in the wild

    Risky business: A kittennap girl claims she did not intend for her children’s treats to become ‘potty mouths’ after they were raised in the wil바카라d in Texas

    The girl and her mother also claim that they did not think it was a smart idea for their children to try to sell their kittens in the first place, although they did admit it had happened before.

    However, one of them told MailOnline: ‘We don’t think it’s any big deal – I don’t give children anything that they should have put in the trash but I definitely don’t give them 더킹카지노a gift.

    ‘She didn’t know this would be going on, but it’s a big risk because it’s something that we know children may not be capable of handling.

    ‘It could be like handing over your daughter to her father for the last time. We just don’t know.

    ‘I wouldn’t take the gamble on a kitty – I would have put it in the garbage.’

    The girl says she doesn’t know anything about it, adding: ‘I don’t have a clue what’s been going on – I just know that it didn’t take, it didn’t even look like the dog. It definitely didn’t look like any of her siblings did either.

    I am too old and not smart enough to handle the kitten’ Stuc