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    Chris bourke named as new minister for sports and culture

    Chris bourke named as new minister for sports and culture


    David Cameron has named former Sydney Swans and Brisbane Lions star Robbie Farah as his new sports and culture minister.

    “These days sports and culture is really going through its heyday and Australia is really turning into a centre of sporting activity,” Mr Cameron told the ABC.

    The Prime Minister will also appoint former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to cabinet.

    The news comes after the election of the third sports minister in eight years.

    Mr Cameron’s decision comes after Mr Farah was named minister for sport and community and as part of a reshuffle within sport to boost the sector.

    New sports minister John-Paul Lang Hancock had previously been the sports minister and was responsible for the development of the national competition for sport, but Mr Cameron indicated he would no longer participate in that body.

    “We want to bring in as many new people as possible to help the [Australian] community and our institutions of learning,” he said.

    “That’s how we’바카라사이트re going to change this society for the better… we’re looking at bringing in people with the best of them and our institutions of learning in them.

    “At the end of the day the future of Australia is going to depend a lot on people being involved in their children’s sports from birth.”

    The Premier is expected to announce additional sports and culture funding and other resources for the sports and sport and culture industries.

    Mr Farah and Mr Cameron did not address the announcement when asked on ABC radio on Monday afternoon.

    The announcement will see the creation of a new department in the sports and culture ministry called Sport Innovation and a further department within 우리카지노education to help guide the industry as well as create a ministry of sport to promote the country’s participation in sport and the comm바카라unity at large.

    Mr Cameron has also announced a $5 million increase for the sport and sport and culture programs through the Sport Development Corporation.

    Former Wests Tigers rugby league player Tony Williams is the new Minister for Sport, Community and Community Services, the Premier said.

    Mr Cameron’s decision was a surprise to many of his colleagues and players, many of whom had long felt that the Coalition had fallen short in its commitment to the sector.

    “Sports and sport and culture is obviously the number one activity in this country that has attracted a lot of new talent and there are people in rugby league who are doing excellent work in this field and have huge respect for the game, they just want t